Media Strategy

Helping you to create your strategy is vital for the success of your media campaign, identifying your key audiences and understanding how to reach them is paramount. We will help you set goals that are measurable and specific so we can make sure the right results are delivered.

Media Planning & Buying

We are well recognised for our media planning and buying, it’s what we do best. We have the wealth of experience that we use to guide our clients through the maze of media choices. Our audience understanding and knowledge of specialist TV, radio, press, digital and outdoor channels enables us to shape media strategies and find highly effective ways to reach your audience. We provide our clients with valuable insight, media intelligence and analysis. We make sure that you are delivered with the most effective campaign that generates the required responses and ROI.


TV is the most effective advertising medium. It generates the most profit, creates more sales and consistently outperforms everything else. It builds your brand and creates awareness like no other media, providing excellent value. TV stands head and shoulders above other media in driving business results and there is a mountain of research to prove it – just ask us! TMH plan and buy the most effective TV campaigns to reach your target audience. We offer full production services including, Clearcast approval, storyboards and ad delivery.

Sky Adsmart

Sky Adsmart is delivered by Sky TV Sky AdSmart is the revolutionary approach to TV advertising, it allows you to target your audience in hundreds of different attributes including geographically, genre, age, ABC1 profile etc… so businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the advertising impact of TV. With Sky AdSmart, different ads can be shown to different households watching the same programme. This means brands and businesses can now advertise on national channels, but to their relevant audiences.

Outdoor Media

Out of Home advertising (OOH) is more diverse and exciting than ever before. There are now so many different outdoor formats available, all at different price levels, it simply depends on your main objective and who you are looking to reach. Whether you choose a targeted area bus shelter campaign, or various 48 sheets spread out over a large demographic area, OOH advertising will be suitable for any budget size. Outdoor advertising can be viewed multiple times and positioned in the most targeted areas. Technology has moved on so much over the years, there are now many different formats, from static sites, digital, wi fi enabled sites and even interactive sites that allows you to engage with passing consumers.

Press Advertising

Print is one of the top trusted forms of advertising and is an essential way of advertising. People still crave the physical communication with over 10 million newspapers being printed on a daily basis. Depending on who you are looking to target, there is a huge choice of newspapers to advertise in, from national newspapers to regional press. It is a great way for advertisers to reach a broad audience with a campaign in the national press, or a tightly targeted geographic audience via local and regional newspapers.


Radio is a great way to reach a captive audience. Due to the availability of DAB radio online and on mobile apps, people can tune into their favourite radio station anywhere, either at work, at the gym or on holiday abroad. You can now reach these audiences everywhere they go. Similar to TV advertising, radio advertising can be very targeted, whether you want to reach out to a national or regional audience. We offer full production services including script writing and voice-overs. We manage Radio advertising for a wide range of customers, contact us today to find out how Radio advertising can help generate business for you.


Spotify is one of the leading music streaming services available with over 100 million active users and about half a billion registered users worldwide. As an advertiser you can target the unsubscribed members who cannot skip adverts, currently around 45,000,000. You can also choose a music genre who listen to specifics, such as Rock & Roll, Pop and Christian Music. Advertisers can also reach people on the go as the adverts can also be heard and seen on mobile devices. Spotify offers advertisers several different types of ads, such as audio ads and display ads and can be suited to your targeted audience, which can be selected from age, demographic, location etc.


Our team of experts will provide you with a data analytics report in a way that you will understand, no mind-boggling figures, just simple facts and figures of how your advertising has performed.

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